Monday, 12 October 2015

New Beta Videos

I've uploaded/categorised a bunch of new beta videos to the site. You may have seen some as they have been on the LakesBloc Vimeo/Youtube accounts, but this should make for finding them easier. They are as follows:

Coniston Boulder Valley
Reunion Jack 7B+
Jazz Mag 7B
Manic Miner 7B+

Dow Crag
Ex Machina 7C+

Wilding 7B
Van Wilder 7C
Giant Jenga 7B+
Bumblee in the Junglee 7C

Gouther Crag
Atom Smasher 7C
Road to Valhalla 7B
Boogie Monster 7B+

Long Crag
Long Division 7C
White Wryno 7A

Sour Milk Boulders
Lambrini Girl 7B+

Sampson's Stones
The Ergosphere 7C

St. Bees - North
Operation Winkle 7B
Rascal's Wall 7B
Jabberjaw 7B
Out of the Blue 7C+
Solitary Refinement 7B+

Pie Man 7C

Around the Lakes in 14 Days - by Lawson Beta Productions