Monday, 28 December 2009

New Borrowdale Webcam

Dan Varian has given me a heads-up on an excellent webcam which faces out of Keswick and up the Borrowdale valley, ideal for getting upto date weather lowdown's for the Bowderstone, Gillercombe, or Langstrath.

I have added it to the 'Lakeland Webcams' page, and the image below links straight to the cam:

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Lists Glorious Lists

I have updated the 7&8's graded lists to include all the stuff done in November and December 2009, as well as upgrading Iron Man (in Trowbarrow Quarry) back (from 7c+) to 8a/V11.

After various online Chinese whispers and score card comments. I had been under the impression that this problem had been made significantly easier, through the discovery of some (albeit pretty obvious) toe-hook beta, negating the big throw. However, after talking to strong, local based, youth Tom Newberry, it seems that both he and Nick Clement have been having a tough time of linking the climb; this after both protagonists have put in a number of sessions on the problem. Couple this with a number of comments on, from ascentionists and would be suitors, it leads me to think that the line is still 8a/V11. As with all these things, it all comes out in the wash, and consensus reigns supreme...hopefully.

Image: Dan Warren sending Iron Man 8a/V11

Updated 7&8's List
By Crag:
By Grade:

Also of note: I have updated the LakesBloc "Top 50" problems tick list, as well as adding an easily printable PDF version:

As there are so many good problems in the region these list are pretty much a personal view, but I have tried to cover a good spread of areas, rock types, and of course grades. As ever, I'm open to debate on which problems should, or should not be on the document, so all comments welcome...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I have added a new "Grade Conversion Table" to the site, this can be reached via the Main Menu tabs at the top of the site.

Regarding grades: I will continue to use the split grading system (e.g. 7a/V6) as no one in the UK seems able to make up their minds about which system should be universally used - regular/stronger boulderers prefer the Font system, and lower end users seem to prefer V's. Pah! To be honest, I'm quite happy with this compromise, it's reasonably neat and caters for everyone. However, I have sanctioned a personal rule NO split, split grades (e.g. 6c+/7a/V5/V6) this looks terribly messy - are you listening Mr. Panton? You simply have to make a decision, and if in doubt I'll just plump for the lower grade. Any feedback is welcome of course....

Monday, 21 December 2009

South Lakes Winter Wonderland

There isn't going to be much dry for a while at least, as the whole of Lakeland has been doused (much like the rest of the UK) in a thick blanket of lush white snow - which despite being great for sledging, snowballing and skiing, is rubbish for rock climbing.

Anyway, as it was pretty picturesque out yesterday, I thought I'd go for a walk in the Warton area (as that was as far as could get before the roads were completely screwed!) to see if I could find a dry bit of rock. No such luck I'm afraid, however I did get quite a collection of nice shots of the South Lakes and Bay area...

On the way up Warton Crag:

From the base of Warton Upper Crag:

From the top of Warton Upper Crag:

From the top of Warton Pinnacle Crag, looking out over the Bay:

Looking out toward Grange:

Sunday, 20 December 2009

New Gallery and Gallery Update

I have added a new gallery for the Eskdale granite circuit:

I've also added some great new additions to the St. Bees - North gallery page:

Thanks to Tom Peckitt for the great images he gave us for both Galleries.

Fairy Steps Dry

I went to Fairy Steps on Friday afternoon and it was pretty much dry, especially the harder things - Walk Away, Axiom, Intellect SDS etc.