Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Lists Glorious Lists

I have updated the 7&8's graded lists to include all the stuff done in November and December 2009, as well as upgrading Iron Man (in Trowbarrow Quarry) back (from 7c+) to 8a/V11.

After various online Chinese whispers and score card comments. I had been under the impression that this problem had been made significantly easier, through the discovery of some (albeit pretty obvious) toe-hook beta, negating the big throw. However, after talking to strong, local based, youth Tom Newberry, it seems that both he and Nick Clement have been having a tough time of linking the climb; this after both protagonists have put in a number of sessions on the problem. Couple this with a number of comments on, from ascentionists and would be suitors, it leads me to think that the line is still 8a/V11. As with all these things, it all comes out in the wash, and consensus reigns supreme...hopefully.

Image: Dan Warren sending Iron Man 8a/V11

Updated 7&8's List
By Crag:
By Grade:

Also of note: I have updated the LakesBloc "Top 50" problems tick list, as well as adding an easily printable PDF version:

As there are so many good problems in the region these list are pretty much a personal view, but I have tried to cover a good spread of areas, rock types, and of course grades. As ever, I'm open to debate on which problems should, or should not be on the document, so all comments welcome...

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