Monday, 21 December 2009

South Lakes Winter Wonderland

There isn't going to be much dry for a while at least, as the whole of Lakeland has been doused (much like the rest of the UK) in a thick blanket of lush white snow - which despite being great for sledging, snowballing and skiing, is rubbish for rock climbing.

Anyway, as it was pretty picturesque out yesterday, I thought I'd go for a walk in the Warton area (as that was as far as could get before the roads were completely screwed!) to see if I could find a dry bit of rock. No such luck I'm afraid, however I did get quite a collection of nice shots of the South Lakes and Bay area...

On the way up Warton Crag:

From the base of Warton Upper Crag:

From the top of Warton Upper Crag:

From the top of Warton Pinnacle Crag, looking out over the Bay:

Looking out toward Grange:

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