Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Woodwell: Wet, but getting there

Just popped into Woodwell (all sectors), to check on conditions and to take a few crag shots. Most lines are currently effected by some level of seepage, however if this dry weather holds until the weekend a good percentage (maybe 40%) of lines should be climbable. For anyone seeking some climbing before the weekend, the central sector (Not Bad Dave SDS etc.) is, at present, the driest section of rock.

Our man on the ground (AJ Hebson) also informs me that most of Warton Pinnacle Crag was "ok" at the weekend, and as such the various Warton crags should also be in reasonable nick by the weekend, barring a break in the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know that i was at woodwell today and it was bone dry around the closer area. (btw, is the pinch in for the left hand on closer as described in the guide? as both videos on the net don't seem to use it...)