Sunday, 9 May 2010

Graded Lists Updated

Let me know if you notice any cock ups...

By Crag

By Grade

5 comments: said...

poor old clash sitter has been left off :(

what do you reckon to maybe splitting the list with an up lines section and then links and traverses?

some other thoughts:

grand is 7c now its all clean up top
sidekick is reckoned by most to be 8a+
phantom is 7c+, impropa sitter 7c+
special cases is 8a, low traverse into grand is 7c+

tourniquet feels like 8a

and there not just my views before you kick off!

LakesBloc said...

Nuts, sorry Dan. I'll get it added ASAP, and look at the grades of those other problems.

I think splitting it up is a good idea, I'll have look at that too when I get some time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign that comment!
Tim C

Anonymous said...

Clash of the Titans fist done by Ryan Dempsey, I think.

The Tim's Crack saga (!): I first did this (French start) back in 2001/02. Before Jim? If not, maybe it should be called "Jim's Crack"?

Good work Greg.

Rupert said...

I thought Tourniquet was probably 8a+. I thought it was harder than lots of cave 8a+s such as In Hell.