Monday, 2 August 2010

Most Popular Crags List

Ok so we all love a good list; so here is a list of the most popular crags (in terms of number of guides downloaded) in the LakesBloc region so far this year...
  1. Woodell
  2. Kentmere
  3. Limestone Link (Farleton, Hutton Roof, Dalton)
  4. Carrock Fell
  5. St. Bees South
  6. Bowderstone
  7. St Bees North
  8. Windy Clough
  9. Trowbarrow Quarry
  10. Thorn Crag
  11. Langdale Boulders
  12. Fairy Steps
  13. Old Buoys Circuit (St. Bees)
  14. Warton Crag
  15. Rakerigg
  16. Gillercombe
  17. Thirlmere
  18. Armathwaite
  19. Sampson's Stones
  20. Fleswick Boulders (St. Bees)
  21. Shucks Lair (Fairy Steps)
  22. Cringlebarrow
  23. Settle Earth Boulders (Longsleddale)
  24. Blake Rigg Boulders
  25. Red Wall Eliminates (Trowbarrow)
  26. Lad Stones
  27. Langstrath
  28. Honister Pass
  29. Heysham Head
  30. Duddon Valley Boulders
  31. Eskdale Granite
  32. Cam Crag
  33. Hyning Wood
  34. High Rock (Honister Pass)
  35. Black Crag
  36. Gouther Crag
  37. Long Crag
  38. Rolling Rock (Patterdale)
  39. Virtual Crag
  40. Stirrup Stones
  41. Clough Pike
  42. Heron Stones
Not sure if there's much, if anything, to learn from that, but one thing I do know: with Sampson's Stones ranking in the top 5 LakesBloc venues, in terms of quality, more people should be making the effort to get up there!

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nice post. it at least gives a general idea.