Thursday, 31 March 2011

Top 50 List: Update Time

I'd quite like to update the "Top 50 Boulder Problems" list on the site (see link below), as it hasn't really had a proper overhaul for five years or so. Any recommendations for removals and replacements across the grade spread would be appreciated in the form of comments below...

Current List:


Anonymous said...

Must have been updated last year as Ironhide is on there ;)

Groove Armada is great and not on there, nor is the 8B at thorn. Floating points? Sidekick? Shallow groove and Texas holdem?


LakesBloc said...

I did say proper overhaul, rather than my occasional bias tinkerings ;o)

Yeah some good additions there.

Rob Fielding said...

I would have Impailed up at Dove on there. If everyone is allowed one favourite, then for me it's the best problem in the Lake District.

Over the last couple of years, we have done one or two great problems Eskdale. Phil is supposed to be sorting out a little film and I'll send it over for you to have a look at. There are a couple of really good highballs in the 7s.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Power Pinch can come off (as the whole thing it's self has nearly disappeared). Personally I think Spring Chicken is one of the best problems at the stone (however everybody does it wrong). Boardmans problem? Transgenic? For the best looking line Groove Armada?


The Grade Parade

LakesBloc said...

Nice one some good stuff there. Be well keen for more info the eskdale problems Rob... You know me: I like my records and lists to be up to date and concise ;-)