Friday, 29 July 2011

Bad Moon Rising

Having been up to Thorn today, I can see a few of the problems are starting to suffer. The low footholds on Fix my Sink/ And for my Next Trick are becoming progressively more worn, Mothership probably doesn't need any more brushing, but more worrying was the Bad Moon Rising flake.

Today the flake visibly flexed significantly and is evidently on its last legs. What should be done about this is a good question. It's hollow behind, and held only by the thin rock at the left end. It's also pretty eroded. I din't try the problem today because of the likelyhood someone as fat as me would snap it off.


LakesBloc said...

I'll go and have a look before winter kicks in and see if it looks 'fixable'.

GCW said...

Could be a difficult one Greg, there's a lot of space behind it to fill. See what you think. May be worth stabilising the sandy areas too?