Sunday, 25 March 2012

Badger Rock Access

There has been an incident at Badger Rock (Kentmere) whereby a group of individuals were witnessed endeavouring to climb over the dry stone wall which surrounds the field in which the block sits.

Apparently one of the individuals was climbing over the wall when it completely gave way and badly damaged the boundary between the Garburn Pass and the farmer’s field. One can only surmise they were coming from Little Font and trying to avoid the massive (irony intended) 100m walk to the gate which accesses the field. Access to the boulder has always been a bit delicate and this could cause a problem with the landowner.

I have emailed the BMC access rep for Kentmere asking if he could pre-empt the situation and try to diffuse any possible problems. In the meantime I think it would be wise to stay clear of the boulder, at least until the BMC have had a chance to contact the landowner.

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Anonymous said...

Gutted. I spoke to a group there on Saturday who walked the normal way between the 2 venues, but there were another 10-15 there also, not locals as far as I know. This was also the weekend of the Wheelbase Demo Weekend so with 200 mountain bikers in the valley the landowners may be pretty twitchy already.
John Kettle