Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Broken Holds: Tourniquet & Kaizen

There have been a couple more hold breakages on well travelled crags in the South Lakes:

At Woodwell, a large hold has come off the base of Whats This For...! which whilst not really effecting the aformention problem may have some significance on Kaizen and Kaizen Lite.

At Kentmere, a sizeable chunk has come off the superb Tourniquet, dropping the grade from 8a/+ to around 7c+.

Both holds are intact and in safe hands. Hopefully they will be reattached at some point over the next month or so.

NEW CARROCK GUIDE: The new Carrock Fell guide will be out by the end of the month - 24 pages of gabbro magic. Some sample pages here: Carrock Fell 2012 - Sample Pages


Joseph said...

Hope the hold on Tourniquet is re-attached, I want to try that at some point!

crusherholds_probesblogs said...

Be good if the tourniquet block got stuck back on :)