Monday, 10 September 2012

Traci Lords Landing Improved

Over the weekend, myself and George North did a proper job of platforming out the landing below the excellent Traci Lords (8A) face at the Lad Stones.

It was previously a bit of stretch to pull on even with a very thick/folded pad, and the hole to the right made the landing a bit iffy. With the new groundwork complete it's now really easy to pull on and work the problem, plus the landing is much safer - i.e. it's good. You now only really need a single large pad to climb the problem if you have a spotter or two pads if you're on your own. I also added a couple of new problems hereabouts, which I'll write up on the site soon.


Anonymous said...

i think the supervisor played a vital role !

LakesBloc said...

Think what you like Hebson, but your a work shy slacker ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, I might come over to try this on Friday. Is it 7c+ or 8a? Also - is the weather looking any good!?