Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lad Stones Guide Released

Finally, one of the last best bouldering areas to get documented properly is complete.

The Lad Stones offer a brilliant hard circuit, situated on the southern flanks of Wetherlam, east of Levers Water and the Coppermines Valley. Two vast 2000 ton blocks and a few smaller satellites provide a circuit of some 50 odd problems, nothing too unusual about that. However, where the Lad Stones stand apart from other areas with a similar quota of climbs is their grade spread ratio – 60% of the problems are in the 7’s and 8’s spectrum!

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this guide together and climbing most of the problems in the process (all but 3 at the time of writing). Big thanks to the numerous individuals who have also been up there enjoying the venue and giving valuable feedback.

I've also updated the Lad Stones Gallery, which is also well worth checking out to get a better idea of the problems on offer.

Image goes directly to guide (PDF - 3.75mb):

Anyway without further ado here she blows, I hope you enjoy the area as much as I do:

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