Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Woodwell O'ert Road Access Granted

Right then, we have been given the green light to use the crag, however, if you intend to visit please read the rules of engagement:

The National Trust have recently joined in partnership with the BMC to reinstate access to three bouldering areas on Woodwell O'ert Road on a trial basis: Wolf Buttress, Troll Buttress and Cave Buttress.

Climbers are welcome to come and enjoy the bouldering on the three designated areas but please observe the following conditions when visiting:
1. For ecological reasons, bouldering is only permitted on the three designated areas. Climbers should not proceed past Cave Buttress - this will be marked with a sign.
2. Dogs are not allowed.
3. Climbers must not enter the field directly below the rock.

The above is from the updated Woodwell access info page, which is available to view on the BMC website:

Please adhere to all of the above as well as keeping the crag clear of litter (that includes tape and fag butts!) and minimize chalking where possible (i.e. brush off tick marks after your session) as this is essentially a trial run.

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