Friday, 14 October 2011

Woodwell O'ert Road Access

There is work afoot to open up Woodwell O'ert Road to climbers once again. The negotiations with the National Trust appear to have concluded positively and we are awaiting the NT to finish off work to the access point. They have bolstered the wall with cement and are (hopefully) putting in access information signs over the next few weeks. I will post something when I have had confirmation that the green light has been given, until then please DO NOT visit the crag, as this may jeopardize the process.

Thanks should go to Les Ainsworth for facilitating the negotiations and to the BMC who have funded the cost of the wall restoration, signs and perhaps a stile, although I'm unsure to whether the latter is part of the deal.

Once again, please DO NOT visit the crag until you have heard otherwise.

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